Arrangement Conferences

To assist you in preparing for the arrangement conference, may we suggest that you bring the following information with you to the funeral home at the time of your appointment:

1. Clothing, including undergarments: note, we have a selection of clothing available, which may be purchased, if desired.

2. Eyeglasses and jewelry. These items can be removed and returned to the family after services.

3. One recent photograph

4. Veteran discharge papers (DD214)

5. Social Security Number

6. Life Insurance Policies

7. List of 6 to 8 Pallbearers

To facilitate the death certificate, you provide the following information & we submit the information & receive the death certificate

- Deceased full legal name

- Birthplace

- Education

- Mother's maiden name

- Full name of father

To facilitate placing the notice(s) in the newspaper, please provide the following information:

- Religious affiliation

- Work history

- Names of surviving relatives and the cities in which they live (include daughters, sons, brothers, sisters, and the number of grandchildren)

- Organizations or memberships

- Special Achievements

- Suggestions for memorials or donations in your loved one's name

One of our directors will assist you with all the details of the arrangements, including:

1. Date and time of the services

2. Coordination of the services with the cemetery, crematory, and/or airline

3. Family transportation

4. Flowers to compliment the colors of the casket and clothing.

5. Newspaper notices

6. Filing the Death Certificate and ordering the certified copies of the Death Certificate for you.

Our staff will also assist you in filing for:

1. V. A. Benefits

2. Social Security Benefits

3. Life Insurance Benefits

It Is Our Sincere Commitment To Make Things A Little Easier For You And Your Family. Please Let Us Know If There Is Anything Special That We Can Assist You With During This Difficult Time.